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Cannabis greenhouse grow facilities & rooms

Commercial cannabis cultivation has been refined over time to optimize production, control plant attributes, and maximize consistency. In this section of the website you will find the production stages and their designated rooms in the cannabis greenhouses or indoor facilities we build.

In nature, the life cycle of a cannabis plant follows a traditional path, starting with a seed and moving through stages like germination, growth, pollination, and seed production, only to repeat the growing cycle. In our cannabis greenhouses or indoor growing facilities we look at nature, technology and rules and regulations to tailor to the needs of the plants, but also at the commercial side of cannabis growing.

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Cannabis growing phases and their rooms

What is the function of the cannabis rooms
Interior of a cannabis grow facility with controlled environment

Room Ratio's

When we design a greenhouse facility with our clients, we devote a lot of time to get the room ratio's spot on. Each grower or client has its own methods and style of growing. The cultivation cycles, desired plant sizes, spacing and grow system all influence the ratios of the rooms in the greenhouse or cannabis grow facility.

A typical cannabis greenhouse or cultivation facility may use 50% to 75% of the facility's surface area for production areas. Within the production area, spaces can be roughly divided into the following proportions:

Rooms for plants in flower stage: ~60%

Plants in vegetative stage: ~15%

Mother rooms: ~10%

Clone rooms: ~2.5%

Drying rooms: ~12.5%

A grower’s business plan may determine room allocation by starting with a target annual yield for a facility—the number of pounds per year they hope to produce and the number of harvests required to achieve it—and work backwards. Rooms with plants in flower are the most important factor in that calculation and will thus dictate the amount of space required for the other rooms to support that production, as well as auxillary spaces such as hallways, offices, employee changing rooms and break areas.

Interior of a cannabis grow facility with controlled environment