Greenhouse Design

Greenhouse Drawing

From plan to blue-print

Every greenhouse project starts with a plan. A plan to produce vegetables, flowers or plants in a way that is economically feasible. Or better yet, a plan for a profitable business, bringing fresh produce closer to the end-consumer.

Size & Layout

The quantity and quality of the produce will eventually determine the revenue of the greenhouse. It is therefore suprising that these factors partly determine the scale of the project and the cultivation methods. Our greenhouse designs are mostly tailored to off-take agreements, cultivation contracts or specific market demands.

Crop Requirements

In the cultivation section of our website, we have listed the typical crop requirements that we use in our greenhouse designs. We always revisit these parameters to ensure they meet the specific project demands. Climate and cultivation systems are then integrated based on the size, layout and location of the project.


Greenhouse roof view

Do you want to know more about how we design greenhouses?

Opex & Capex, an integral part of our greenhouse designs.

Cactus Herbs in greenhouse
Dutch Greenhouses


In the design & engineering phase of greenhouse projects, we use our custom software named CRUX. Based on climate data, we can quickly bring operational (energy & water) and capital expenditures into the equation based on the layout. This way we can ensure that the greenhouse design meets all requirements and optimize it accordingly. CRUX allows all stakeholders of the project to quickly focus on the most crucial elements.
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