Irrigation in greenhouses

Unprecedented precision in our irrigation systems

In the specialized field of cannabis greenhouses, we have acquired expertise in precision irrigation, making it user-friendly to be incorporated into workers' SOPs. Our uniquely developed irrigation units, paired with industry-leading water treatment equipment, ensure the delivery of accurate and trustworthy irrigation systems for any crop.

Growing more with less

Water and fertilizers make your crop grow. But if you can grow more with less, you have a sustainable business case. The usage of water per kilogram production can be reduced to a minimum with smart and precise dosing systems. Growing more is achieved to give the right fertilizers at the right time. In this section of the website, the ins-and outs are explained of our smart irrigation cycle.
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Interested in our irrigation systems?

Greenhouse Irrigation Cycle

Our irrigation water cycle consists of five steps, from incoming to outgoing irrigation water. At every step we integrate various technological solutions to provide the most safe and accurate water management system for our greenhouses.
  • Pre-Treatment
    Incoming water is the starting point of every irrigation system. To ensure this is of the right quality and before it is dosed to the plants, we have multiple pre-treatment solutions.
  • Fertilization
    With a good quality of water to start with, we design, engineer and manufature high tech fertilization units, for growers to create their plant recipes with minerals and nutrients.
  • Dosing & Control
    While the plant recipes are being created, our custom-made dosing units make it possible to dose the prepared fertilized water with the highest accuracy. In this step, we also analyse the plants' behaviour with scales and sensors to learn and further fine-tune the plant recipes. 
  • Post-Treatment
    Fertilized drain water is collected via gutters or table systems and can be reused. The post-treatment ensures that this water is of good quality and is free of micro-organisms and particles, but still contains the minerals, before it returns to the irrigation system.
  • Drain Water Recycling
    Water from the post-treatment is reused as "clean drain water". This is selected as water source by the fertilization-unit and forms the basis for new recipes, as it already contains valuable minerals.