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Is there a need for fresh vegetables in the harshest climate? Indoor vertical farming makes it possible. Achieve unparalleled yield, superb and stable quality and taste without the need for natural sunlight. Year-round farming that's not reliant on weather conditions, all managed locally. Achieve unparalleled yield, quality, and taste without even needing natural sunlight. Our innovative indoor farming technologies elevate agriculture to unprecedented heights. Whether you're looking for large-scale, self-sufficient commercial systems or smaller setups tailored for precise research, we have you covered. DutchGreenhouses provides customized solutions to fit any scenario.

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Vertical Indoor Farming

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Automated Climate Management

To achieve optimal climate conditions for your indoor farm, a plethora of automation solutions are at your disposal. From climate computers and sensors to specialized software, we offer tools that enable you to establish and regulate the perfect environment, gather key metrics, and anticipate future requirements. As an authorized distributor for industry leaders like Hoogendoorn, we work with the best in class climate management system.

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