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Screening & shading: managing light & energy

Smart climate screens are essential for optimizing greenhouse conditions. For instance, energy-saving screens can cut energy use by as much as 47%, while light-diffusing screens ensure the most effective spread of natural light within the greenhouse, thereby enhancing both yields and product quality. Complete blackout screens allow crops as Chrysanthemum and Cannabis to be on the correct night-day cycle. In short, there are screen types for any appliance and mechanisms to open and close them.

Control over light, energy & climate

There are three basic functions that screening fabrics are designed for. Selecting the right screens and using them wisely allows you to manage light, energy and climate. Control over light is the primary function and can be broken down into light transmission, light diffusion and blackout.
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Screening Mechanisms

There are four different mechanisms in the field of greenhouse screening. For horizontal screening, the mechanics for opening and closing the screens are different. In vertical screening, there are two types of motors that can be used: tube motors and regular motors that turn a tube.
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