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Growing Systems

Many indoor farms are based on the principle of stacking layers in order to have more production on the same footprint. However, this is not always the most cost-effective approach in countries with very low land costs.

Indoor Growing Systems

Dutch Greenhouses has experience with both single layer and multi-layer farming and we can calculate the best growing system for your project.

Within indoor farming, multiple approached are being developed in the market:
- Single layer horizontal farming
- Multi-layer horizontal farming
- Vertical farming

In the case of multi-layer Horizontal farming, the horizontal layers are stacked on each other. This creates additional cultivation space, but is also enhances logistical costs.

With horizontal farming we have the choice, like in a greenhouse, to work with gutters or benches. Vertical farming in this perspective means a growing structure where (usually gutters) are placed in a vertical direction.

Logistics are an important part of indoor farming. Cultivation takes place in climate cells that need to be fully automated, because it is preferred that people do not enter, and the plants need to move from one to the next cell for processing. DutchGreenhouses® will guide you in designing your facility and choosing different cultivation systems.

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