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Opportunities for Indoor Lettuce cultivation

Lettuce is the base of every salad. Imagine being able to produce this at consistent quality, regardless of your location.
Indoor Cultivation Lettuce

Estimated ROI of an indoor lettuce project?


Indoor Lettuce Cultivation is the practice of growing lettuce in a controlled indoor environment. Not in a greenhouse, but in a facility with artificial grow-lights, controlled airflow and irrigation systems.

Due to the high level of control plants will develop in an optimal way leading to higher quality crops and higher yields.

With Indoor Cultivation all parameters of the growth can be controlled which further optimizes the growth compared to greenhouse cultivation. The sole source of light comes from LED light fixtures which gives the opportunity to supply as dedicated spectrum to the plants. The risk of pests is minimal and therefore no pesticides are being used. In most cases Indoor Farming is applied in a vertical structure in order to optimize the growth per cubic meter. Therefore the facilities have a smaller footprint and can be located closer to cities.

The ideal climate for indoor lettuce cultivation is a moderate temperature range of 21-24°C with a relative humidity level of 60-75%.

LED lighting is generally recommended for indoor lettuce cultivation due to its energy efficiency and ability to provide a full spectrum of light. Based on the type of lettuce a specific light spectrum will be chosen for optimal performance. 

Automated climate control systems, energy-efficient LED lighting, and advanced hydroponic or aeroponic systems are commonly used in modern indoor lettuce cultivation facilities.

Certain crops allow for multiple harvests of one plant such as arugula. This process the need and costs for consumables like growing media and seeds.