Sustainable vegetable greenhouses

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Being part of the Future of Food Farming

At DutchGreenhouses®, we specialize in designing high-performance, sustainable greenhouses. For the cultivation of vegetables, we integrate the latest technology to create the perfect climate for growth. With our advanced greenhouse technology, sustainable vegetable cultivation can be achieved close to the market where it is consumed. Allowing for less food-miles, healthier and fresher vegetables in salads and dishes, regardless of the location. Whether your focus is tomatoes, bell peppers, or a diverse range of vegetable crops, DutchGreenhouses® is your partner in pioneering the Future of Food Farming. With us, you step into a world of innovative, sustainable, and especially also very practical solutions for your greenhouses endeavours, taloring to the needs of the evolving markets and demands.

Production of Vegetables in Greenhouses

The cultivation of vegetables is a key component in ensuring global food security. Vegetables are a fundamental part of the human diet, providing food diversity and contributing to balanced and nutritious diets. Fruity vegetables have shorter growing cycles compared to other crops, with greenhouse technology, cultivation has become extremely efficient, reducing required resources, improving yields and no pesticides.

Vegetables represent the edible components of a plant, including (non-sweet) fruits, which are commonly classified as vegetables. It is imperative to acknowledge that numerous vegetables cultivated in greenhouses, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, eggplants, and zucchinis, are scientifically categorized as fruits of plants.

The most commonly vegetables cultivated in Dutch greenhouses are respectively:

  1. Tomatoes
  2. Bell Peppers
  3. Cucumbers

All three of the above greenhouse vegetables are grown on hydroponcis, using hanging-gutters and substrate mats. However, not all vegetables are in this environment. Varieties of lettuce, baby spinach, and other leafy vegetables, thrive on a water based cultivation methods using Ebb&Flow or NFT.

Good Agricultural Practice in Greenhouses (G.A.P.)

At DutchGreenhouses®, we integrate GLOBALG.A.P.’s IFA standards in our vegetable greenhouses. These standards form the international standard for eco-friendly vegetable cultivation solutions, assuring food safety and environmental protection around the world. With our sustainable vegetable greenhouse technology, alignment with international best practices is guaranteed. This allows our clients to focus on worker well-being, hygiene protocols and standard operating procedures to achieve excellence together.