Cannabis plants nearing harvest in a greenhouse

Perfect crops, need a perfect climate

Achieving optimal and consistent climate conditions effortlessly. With HortiCoolers you can cool down, heat-up, and dehumidify the greenhouse climate in the most homogeneous way. Enhancing both quality and yield.

Greenhouse cooling with HortiCoolers

As the name indicates: HortiCoolers are a perfect solution for de-centralized cooling of a greenhouse. Its components and design are well thought through to ensure a homogeneously cooled climate. Cooling from the top mimics nature, which reliefs plants from undesirable stress.

The HortiCooler is the most powerful tool in our technological toolbox to cool a greenhouse while maintaining the humidity at the desired level. The HortiCooler's internal heat exchanger is ingeniously designed to maximize surface area, effectively reduce air temperature and collect condensation water for reuse as irrigation water.

Featuring powerful, yet stable, EC fans, HortiCoolers propel air up to sixteen meters, allowing it to naturally descend in a circular airflow. This design enables the conditioned air to gently integrate into the crop, offering unparalleled benefits, especially in greenhouses with open tables or hanging gutters, allowing air to permeate freely.

Heating with HortiCoolers

HortiCoolers can also be used for heating the greenhouses. This is when warm or even luke-warm water is circulated through the heat-exchangers rather than cold water. The possibility to switch from cooling to heating, is a gamechanger in continental climates or working with low-value heat sources.

This innovative technology is revolutionary, especially in continental climates where the weather can be extremely variable. The flexibility to switch between cooling and heating ensures a constant, optimal climate for plants irrespective of the external weather conditions, providing a holistic solution for greenhouse temperature regulation.

In situations utilising low-value heat sources, HortiCoolers’ adaptive technology stands out as a game-changer. It empowers greenhouse growers to maintain an ideal growing environment, overcoming challenges posed by varying climate conditions, thereby ensuring healthy plants.

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