Greenhouse Humidity Control

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Humidity control in greenhouses

In few cases, greenhouses may require cooling systems. This occurs when the daily average temperature is too high for the crops to function properly. In this case, cooling the greenhouse is the only way to keep the crops inside healthy and productive. Cooling a greenhouse is more expensive than heating a greenhouse. An investment in a cooling system must therefore be a well considered decision. The preferred cooling method for a greenhouse is through evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling is the process of having particles of water droplets evaporate, which leads to a drop in temperature through increased humidity. There are two systems that use this principle in commercial greenhouses: high pressure fogging and the Pad & Fan cooling system. In recent years, semi-closed greenhouses have been developed based on the same principles as the Pad & Fan system, focusing on enhancing energy efficiency.

The importance of humidity control in greenhouses

Achieving optimal humidity can lead for control in a greenhouse environment is critical to promoting a balanced and productive growing environment for plants. When humidity and temperature are not in harmony, it leads to stress conditions that make plants susceptible to pests, fungi and diseases. Precise greenhouse dehumidification and climate control management produce robust plants, facilitate higher transpiration rates for efficient water and nutrient uptake, produce tastier yields and enable modulation of growth and development.

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Technology for Dehumidification in Greenhouses

A range of innovative methods and technologies, including fans, ventilation windows, screening fabrics, radiant heating, and also high pressure fogging, are available for ensuring optimal humidity control in greenhouses. At DutchGreenhouses we specialize in HortiCoolers, which brings humidity management to the next level.
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