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Maintenance Services

DutchGreenhouses® are modern production facilities with many different technical systems. With the highest quality of crops cultivated in the greenhouse, it is of great importance to have everything functioning properly. Downtime is not an option. Although designed as simple and maintenance free as possible, breakdowns of certain systems can still occur.
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Maintenance in Greenhouses

For a large facility as a greenhouse, maintenance is relatively limited. However, the humidity and temperature in the greenhouse do make frequent cleaning and check-ups important. The items that require most attention are the specific-purpose tools required for operation such as irrigation, ventilation and screening. The MEP systems in greenhouses typically require annual, quarterly or monthly maintenance.
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Below are the most common questions we get about maintenance. If you more project-specific questions on how we would approach maintenance, please feel free to reach out.

With high-quality crops being cultivated, it is vital to have all technical systems functioning properly. Downtime can have serious consequences and is not an option.

While designed to be as simple and maintenance-free as possible, breakdowns of certain systems can still occur and maintenance is always required.

DutchGreenhouses® collaborates with local technicians during the construction phase, making them familiar with the greenhouse systems for quicker service times. An engaged local company is always the best first line of operational security. 

In this case, DutchGreenhouses® has a pool of maintenance mechanics who are available quickly on a video-call or can be flown over to the greenhouse to resolve the issue hands-on.