Cannabis Clone Rooms

There are a number of possibilities to obtain healthy cannabis plants. You can grow young plants from seeds, cut small sections from a host (mother plant) or use invitro methods, under microscopic circumstances in a laboratory.

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Designing the Clone Room

Room Function

The clone room acts as a nursery for the cuttings taken from the Mother Plants. In this room, the conditions are designed for the small plants to develop roots. During the development of the roots, the cuttings require high humidity levels. Once the cuttings have rooted, the cuttings become the clones.

Light Schedule & Intensity

The cannabis plant is a short daylight plant, starting to bloom as the days are getting shorter. To prevent the clones from developing buts, the light schedule is approximately 18 hours of light. Initially, there is not much need for light in the clone room. Once rooting has taken place, the light intensity will have to be increased to develop muscles for the roots.

Temperature & Humidity

The right temperature and humidity form a fine balance for the vapor pressure deficit. Together with sufficient carbon dioxide and the right amount of light and spectrum, the plants will grow fairly quickly.