Installation of greenhouse structural components

Where Equity meets growing Opportunity

As a group we come across many opportunities, opportunities to grow vegetables near large cities around the world. In many cases, greenhouses are the answer to this market demand. The GrowingDutch fund is founded to invest in these greenhouses together.

The financial landscape of starting any greenhouse project can be challenging. But developing a new greenhouse in a new area can be even more challenging. GrowingDutch is there to connect the dots. By having an integrated solution of best-practises between technology and operation, GrowingDutch can financially partake in greenhouse projects.

"Going Dutch" - The philosophy behind GrowingDutch

"Going Dutch" is a familiar term when it comes to sharing a bill. It's all about fairness and splitting costs equally. At GrowingDutch, we bring this idea to the world of modern farming. We create partnerships where everyone—landowners, community members, and investors—puts in their fair share for a common goal: sustainable and efficient greenhouse farming.

GrowingDutch is about teamwork in agriculture. We invite people to come together, offering both resources and funding, to help build state-of-the-art greenhouse projects. It's the contributions from everyone that make our vegetable farms thrive.

We use smart Dutch greenhouse technology to keep risks low and profits steady. This way, our greenhouses aren't just places to grow veggies; they're reliable sources of income that are better for the planet. With GrowingDutch, we're not just planting seeds—we're growing a community of investors and growers who all share the rewards of clean, green future of food farming.

Tomato greenhouse with advanced climate control systems

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A necessary symbiosis


DutchGreenhouses has developed a standardised 80.000m2 / 20 acre greenhouse model to meet international development requirements.


Connecting the dots between opportunities, Dutch greenhouse technology and operational excellence.

Operations & Training

GreenhouseCoach has created an operators' program based on the standardized DutchGreenhouses to create operational excellence.