Diffuse Screens

Difuse Screening System: scattering light

In addition to diffuse glass or a coating, diffuse light can also be made with screens. Although the screens are used for evenly distributing incoming light, they can also be used for sun protection and energy saving. Screens come in various shading percentages, which can be selected depending on the light needs of the crop.

Screens & Benefits

Diffuse screen fabrics are available with an open structure, which in combination with ridge ventilation, provides optimal cooling and sun protection. It is also available with a closed structure, this reduces cooling in the evening, minimize the risk of condensation forming on the crop, and save energy at night. The common feature of all diffuse screens is the light diffusion due to the applied white strips woven or knitted into the fabric. As a result, over the past decade, diffuse screens have been increasingly popular among growers of various crops in different climates.

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F-Scatter & Haze Factor

Diffusion in greenhouse glass, screening and applied roof coatings has two measuring values. The traditional Haze Factor is used in different industries. The F-Scatter, also known as the HortiScatter, diffusion value is developed by Wageningen University, specially for the greenhouse industry.