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Dutch greenhouse technology sets the global standard for commercial horticulture. This section of the website gives an overview of what Dutch greenhouse technology has to offer. Greenhouse technology from the Netherlands has been setting the international standard for horticulture for over a century. The success of the Dutch greenhouse model has made cultivation of all sorts of fruits, vegetables and flowers possible on a commercial scale. In the past, growers relied on their region's climate conditions, but with the advancements in Dutch greenhouse technology, today's modern growers can exert complete control over the greenhouse's internal climate. Today, Dutch technology makes it possible to grow tropical crops, such as tomatoes and peppers, in the cold regions of Siberia and Canada. The other way around, juicy cucumbers and fresh lettuce crops can be cultivated in greenhouses in the deserts of the Middle East and Central America.

Integrating greenhouse technology

When investing in modern greenhouse systems, economical consideration is required to apply the right amount of technology into the greenhouse. The perfect level of technology integration will always be on the point where the marginal profit over an x amount of time equals the marginal costs in respect to the investment.

For example, integrating all technology available into a new greenhouse to have a good vegetable harvest in the summer is a possibility. However, one has to consider the cost of production versus the earnings. With low summer prices, it may not be worth the investment to have the greenhouse significantly cooled, but the benefits from dosing CO2 may just outweigh the costs of the technological installation.

Putting the crop first

As a technical company, we love to integrate state-of-the art technology into our greenhouse projects. By putting the crop requirements first in the engineering phase, looking to the market conditions and thinking along with our clients, DutchGreenhouses can create an optimal solution.

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Curious on how technology can make the difference for your greenhouse?

Synergy between technology fields

The Dutch greenhouse industry is the combination and synergy between multiple technological fields. It is the only industry in which fields of structural-, MEP- and computer engineering intertwine with agricultural engineering and energy engineering. In our turnkey projects, we ensure all elements work seamlessly together to create the optimal growing environment.


Greenhouse technology is the application of knowledge & hardware for practical purposes geared to greenhouse cultivation. This technology is used to increase yields and quality and to allow growing outside the season.

Irrigation systems, grow-lights, and climate systems such as heating and cooling are the best examples of greenhouse technology. DutchGreenhouses categorizes specific technology systems into 6 main categories:

  • Greenhouse Structure
  • Screening / Shading
  • Climate Systems
  • Irrigation
  • Growlights
  • Automation

The most important technology to increase yields is technology that directly meets the crops’ needs. Climate systems, irrigation systems and ensuring the crop has sufficient light and CO2 are the principal aspects to increase yields.

Price and operational costs are the biggest factors in designing and implementing greenhouse technology. Technological advances must be chosen smartly and cost-effectively, to return the investment.