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Growing indoor produce

Vertical farming is currently mostly used for the production of leafy greens. This category ranges from lettuce products to herbs and microgreens.

Why indoor?

For all categories, the main reasons for growing these products in an indoor farm are:

  • Fully controlled growing conditions including lighting regime, air conditions and nutrient supply.
  • Predictable results, which is an advantage in offtaking discussions
  • Consistent and premium quality of the produce year-round
  • Fixed price levels
  • Pesticide free production


Lettuce can be divided into lettuce crops and baby leaf production. The most important differences are: cultivation cycle, crop density, substrate material and the method of processing. Salad crops generally have a lower market value when sold as a crop. In many cases, vertical farm owners are targeting the convenience market where the leaves are cut and mixed into a beautiful (and ready-to-use) salad mix. The content of the mix ensures product differentiation in terms of taste and color of the mix.

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Vertical Indoor Farming

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