CO2 Enrichment

CO2 enrichment in greenhouses

CO2 in greenhouses allows crops to utilize their photosynthetic potential. Adding CO2 to greenhouse can be done by burning natural gas or liquid CO2.

Supplying extra carbon dioxide is a frequently used method to increase the yield of greenhouse horticultural crops. Depending on your location, the amount of carbon dioxide in the outdoor air is 350 parts per million. This amount is sufficient to grow plants, but if you place many plants together in a greenhouse, the carbon dioxide level decreases because all plants use carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. By adding CO2 (CO2 enrichment) it is possible to increase the photosynthetic potential of the crops, especially on sunny days.

Methods for CO2 enrichment in greenhouses

Adding CO2 to greenhouse through the supply of pure (liquid CO2), the combustion of fossil fuel with Air Heaters or, most commonly, combustion of fuels with a central burner, in combination with a heat storage tank.
Lisianthus Greenhouse

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