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Dutch quality standards

Innovation and quality are the cornerstones of the Dutch horticultural industry. Due to these fundamentals, approximately 90% of glass greenhouses worldwide have Dutch roots. It is an industry that, we as Dutchmen, can be proud of. But we can never let go of our determination to deliver quality and innovative solutions in each and every project.
Greenhouse Quality Standards

Greenhouse Building Code

The Dutch building code NEN-EN 13031-1 and the European BS EN 13031-1:2019 outline the criteria and guidelines for mechanical strength, operational reliability, and long-term durability in the design and construction of commercial greenhouses meant for professional cultivation in greenhouses. The code includes the foundational elements and applies regardless of the construction materials used.
ISC code :65.040.30-Greenhouses and other installations
The calculation software Casta, allows Dutch greenhouse manufacturing companies to quickly verify their design with this code. Optimizing the structure to meet the bare minimum requirements can reduce costs significantly. However, as DutchGreenhouses®, we optimize but stay on the safe side, regardless of what is advised or desired. 

Being an international greenhouse company, DutchGreenhouses® has vast experience explaining and interpreting and adapting to meet the IBC categories for occupancy that can differ per US State.

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Health & Safety

It is our responsibility to encourage all personnel, employees and contractors alike, working on a DutchGreenhouses® site or those of our clients to take the initiative in anticipating, preventing and correcting conditions or practices which may threaten the health or safety of the individual.

The construction of a greenhouse covered with glass is full of hazards. Fortunately, there are proven methods, policies and procedures that protect the workers against the hazards of constructing a glass greenhouse. Incidents are be avoided by taking the required precaution measures, clear instructions and being aware of the hazards. We have consolidated all these protocols, risks and measures in our comprehensible HSE-Manual pack.

Our Health & Safety manual includes the policies, procedures and methods that are required to construct a DutchGreenhouse® safely. It also references forms and activities that should be completed to support the policies. General checklists are also provided to ensure the site is a safe working environment and equipment will not fail on the job.

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Greenhouse water irrigation


DutchGreenhouses® ensures all installations meet international building and installation codes. Code-compliant, however, does not mean that we seek to deliver no more than the bare-minimum. By not cutting corners or looking for extreme savings that could endanger business operation or safety, DutchGreenhouses® will be part of the Future of Food Farming. 

The Dutch building code NEN-EN 13031-1 and the European BS EN 13031-1:2019 are created to ensure greenhouses are designed safely that meet the ISC category code 65.040.30: Greenhouse and other installations.

Due to its specific design with a full glass-roof, greenhouses are built differently than conventional buildings. DutchGreenhouses® has developed a comprehensive but clear Health, Safety & Environment manual to inform workers on the jobsite and to control and prevent job-site incidents.