Energy Saving Screens

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Energy saving screens, the most important screens.

Energy costs make up a significant portion of the total expenses for greenhouse businesses. A screen installation with an energy-saving screen fabric can keep these costs down while, if desired, maintaining light transmission levels by the high light transmission of the screen fabrics.

Energy Saving Screens

Most plants require warmth for optimal growth. Sometimes, the sun provides enough energy to heat the greenhouse, but during the night and on cold days, the grower must keep the greenhouse warm using a boiler or a combined heat and power (CHP) system.

Screens as a blanket

To prevent conditioned, both heated or cooled, air from escaping through the greenhouse roof, screen fabrics are used. In this case, the fabric acts like a blanket that keeps the greenhouse warm. The only downside is that screen fabrics reflect the growth light. Therefore, Energy Saving Screens are developed to have insulating properties with the least amount of light loss. 

Knitted or Woven

There are several suppliers of high-tech screening fabrics for the greenhouse industry. Energy screens are either woven or knitted. Both production methods use synthetic yarns to create a strong, durable fabric. Beside the production method, there is a difference in quality between energy screen manufacturers because of the use of materials, the quality of plastics and the types of yarns.

Engergy Screens Greenhouse

Let's talk energy saving screens!

Creating your optimal energy saving screening situation

With normally two layers of screens and seemingly unlimited options, how I create the perfect balance for my situation? Each location has a different climate to work with, but also different light levels and sunlight hours. A blackout screen as bottom layer and an energy screen on top. Opting for an energy saving screen is almost a must, but perhaps it is better to choose a diffuse screen with high energy saving properties. There are numerous options and strategies. Fortunately, there are screening experts in our industry that advise us in project use-cases. Screening advise impacts the cultivation strategy, the energy bill and the quality of product. Let's get it right together!