Service Building greenhouse

Service Building: Facilitating Production

The service building of a greenhouse is the area next to the greenhouse where the irrigation units and the boiler room are located. It is also the place for workers to have their breaks, there is room for offices and for packing and sorting the harvested produce. The size of the service-building depends on the scale of the greenhouse operation, the type of crop and the number of personnel.

Technical Area

The technical area in our projects is a special room for facilities required to create the right climate in the greenhouse and provide the plants with fertilized water. Typically, the technical area is split into two different sections, the energy room and irrigation room.

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Service Area

While the technical room serves the greenhouse infrastructure, the service room serves the product handling and greenhouse staff.

Packing / Handling area

The packing hall is a large open area where harvested produce can be graded, packed and be prepared for transport. On the other side, preparations are made here in respect to the operations in the greenhouse. In a tomato greenhouse for example, boxes or crates are folded and loaded on the harvesting trolleys and then sent back to the workers in the growing area of the greenhouse. When sizing this space, a lot of attention is always paid to the product flow, internal logistics and the management of incoming and outgoing goods.

Offices and staff rooms

In many cases, local architects take the responsibility to build the office spaces, sanitary facilities and canteen areas. Due to local regulations, the exact positioning and sizing is usually determined by a local architect or contractor.



The service building typically is built in the same style of the greenhouse. The big difference is that the bervice building is covered with sandwich panels, rather than glass. This provides an insulated work environment, protected from the sun.

Spare parts for the greenhouse are best stored in the Energy Room of the technical area. This keeps them dry, conditioned and close-by janitory services. 

Yes! Dutch greenhouses can be connected to existing structures. In projects where this occurs however, we do house our technical systems in a technical area as part of the greenhouse. We do this to avoid infrastructural problems.

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