DutchGreenhouses rebranded: A new corporate identity


A new corporate identity

Timo Raus - Dutchgreenhouses
Timo Raus October 10, 2023
I'm thrilled to announce our new corporate identity. Over the last months, a team of great designers and developers have been working on a style that beautifully aligns with our ethos and the quality of works we deliver. With this new branding, we're set for the future, just like the greenhouses we build.

A strategic rebrand

Our new branding strategy initiative grew out of a long-time existing desire to visually articulate our dedication to advanced, high-quality greenhouse projects on a global scale. In a time where quality is no longer assumed, but also needs to be conveyed, and the global necessity for Dutch greenhouse solutions is at its peak, we decided it was the right time to change. In collaboration with the team at Panorama Studio's, we embarked on a thoughtful journey to create a corporate identity that conveys our technological capabilities and represents sustainable quality.

In harmony with sister brands

Navigating through our projects, offerings and corporate structure during the initiation phase, the talented team at Panorama Studio's embraced the complex challenge of synergizing our sister brands into our corporate identity. The outcome is a branding that is a representation of our groups’ commitment to integrate innovative technology, coaching, financial services, and sustainable development into our greenhouse projects.

Timing of Branding

The crop cultivation industry in all its shapes and sizes is currently rapidly changing through advancements in technology, eliminating operational risks. This boils down to a better and more sustainable business case for industry players that embrace transformations, adapt, and think ahead. DutchGreenhouses® is no longer a spectator to the unfolding future of this industry, but an active contributor and shaper of its development. Our refreshed branding is a testament to our family business and our growth, and it will certainly guide us through new developments yet to be explored.

The Future of Food Farming

As a company, we distinguish ourselves by always being open to integrating the latest technology and new techniques into our projects. Whether we integrate technology into medical cannabis greenhouses or cultivate orchids in the desert, it is certain that DutchGreenhouses’ forward-looking approach plays a role in The Future of Food Farming.

The Future of Food Farming