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Building a greenhouse from start to finish, and further.

Your entire project under control with one contract, with one greenhouse construction company. We take care of the rest to ensure peace of mind for our clients so they can focus on taking their new turn-key greenhouse into use.

Building a greenhouse from foundation works to handover

As a turnkey greenhouse construction company from The Netherlands, we build greenhouses all over the world. In our internationally oriented industry, our working methods, tools and machinery, all have been fine-tuned in a way that we can build facilities as efficient as possible in almost any country. With a selected pool of subcontractors and supervisors, closely managed and facilitated by DutchGreenhouses®, our projects are certain to be on time and within budget.
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Subcontractors & Supervisors

The foundation of a successful greenhouse project is not only the innovative design and quality materials but also the expertise involved in its construction. This is why we are proud to collaborate with highly experienced subcontractors and supervisors who are among the best in the industry.
Greenhouse Construction Site
Welding Buffer Tank for greenhouse

Health & Safety

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) cannot be ignored on any construction site nowadays. DutchGreenhouses® has invested time and experience in fabricating a complete construction methodology statement and HSE safety manual to ensure tasks are executed to our safety standards, workers, supervisors, and subcontractors alike. As we build greenhouses in many different countries, we know how to adapt to local Health & Safety rules and regulations. Read more about how we construct our greenhouses safely and efficiently on our Quality-Standards page.

Health Safety greenhouse


Below are the most frequently asked questions about construction and installation of a greenhouse.

The on-site construction, from mobilisation to project hand-over takes ± 9 months. From signing the contract to handover takes ± 1 year. 

During engineering, the construction process is always kept in mind. Dedicated construction teams have fine-tuned their methodology, tools and machinery to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Almost! The greenhouse itself is complete pre-fabbed and requires only bolts, nuts and screws. Bulky systems like buffertanks and pipelines typically do require on-site welding. 

Yes! When organised and controlled properly according to international Health & Safety standards, the construction of a greenhouse is safe.