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Irrigation Systems

Irrigation is critical for plants to meet their water and nutrient needs. Within an indoor or vertical farm, there are basically two main irrigation systems to choose from: Hydroponics or Aeroponics.


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Aeroponics is another well-known method of irrigation. Aeroponics is a method of supplying water and nutrients to the roots of the plants by mist. Small particles of water are sprayed onto the roots and stick to the them. The advantage of this system is that, in addition to access to water, the roots also have access to oxygen, and this ensures better development. An other positive effect of this system is that water supply is minimal, so less water has to be circulated.

Of course, the Aeroponics system also has some disadvantages. First of all, the system is rather sensitive to power shortages, as there is no water reserve for the plants. Secondly, maintenance of the system is crucial as, for instance, a blocked nozzle can have a huge effect on the output of the system.

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