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Future-proof, sustainable greenhouses.

We've charted out a course to Net-Zero produce from greenhouses. As an industry, we're certainly not there yet, but by staying on top of latests innovations and technology from, we will get there.

Sustainable greenhouses today

Sustainable greenhouses have revolutionised agriculture by optimizing yields and using resources efficiency, producing 6 to 10 times more yield compared to open fields. These innovative facilitate significant savings, enabling the recycling of 40% of drainage water and 40–50% of fertilizers in hydroponically grown crops.

Sustainable greenhouses are versatile, adaptable to various climates, and offer controlled growing conditions, ensuring crop security and predictability amid fluctuating weather conditions. They mitigate the challenges of extreme climates, allowing cultivation in otherwise unfavorable conditions, closer to the market and reducing food-miles.

Our eco-friendly greenhouses reduce pesticide usage by 50%, addressing environmental and health concerns. Many countries, recognizing these benefits, are now mandating their use for cultivating specific food crops, ensuring adherence to strict growing protocols and production of quality, market-compliant produce.

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Sustainable greenhouse projects Tomorrow

Sustainable Technology

Below is an overview of technology we often integrate into our greenhouse projects. Proven technology that go hand-in-hand with greenhouses.