Cannabis veg room

High-pressure fogging system for cannabis cultivation

The Cannabis Vegetation Room

The vegetative room or "Veg room" is the next phase in the lives of the young plants. The plants have come out of the clone room, fully rooted, ready to be placed in large pots. Pots can either be normal pots or large mineral wool blocks.
Cannabis grow room with controlled environment in greenhouse facility

Do you want to know how we design our veg rooms?

Vegetation Rooms

Room Function

After the cannabis cuttings or clones have developed a substantial root base, the plants need to grow: the vegetative phase. The “Veg” rooms are conditioned to ensure the plants grow to their optimum size without flowering.

Light Schedule & Intensity

Light intensity in these rooms is low to moderate. The light schedule in this room begins with lights on for eighteen hours, and off for the remaining six. This simulates spring and early summer and inhibits flowering.  But generally, these are larger rooms and so there is often more total heat and humidity in the veg room compared to the previous two stages.

Temperature & Humidity

That means larger HVAC units are required to deal with the load. Desired temperature ranges are still 75°F to 82°F (23°C–28°C) with 60% to 70% RH.  

Vapor Pressure Deficit

Similar to the mother room, the higher VPD helps stimulate growth through increased water intake.

Cannabis Vegetative Growth Stage in Greenhouse
Clone room for cannabis propagation in greenhouse facility