Turnkey Greenhouse Projects


From A to Z: Our turnkey greenhouse

Building a greenhouse from start to finish, and further.

Your entire greenhouse under control with one contract, with one greenhouse construction company. We take care of the rest to ensure peace of mind for our clients so they can focus on taking their new turnkey greenhouse into use.

Our approach to each Turnkey Greenhouse Project

Contracting, engineering, manufacturing, construction and service all under our own management. With our strategic partnerships in the industry, we can opt into production facilities that meet our projects' demands. This enables us to monitor the entire process, deliver on time and be certain that we use the latest technologies and concepts from end-to-end.

Our collaborative approach enables us to design and build turnkey greenhouses that are exclusively managed by DutchGreenhouses. We employ specialists for greenhouse engineering and technical systems, but also partner with industry leaders in manufacturing, such as aluminium and screening. We also collaborate with producers of smart climate systems, internal logistics and automation. Together, we deliver end-to-end solutions for building greenhouses, managing everything from the initial contracting and design to the final construction, ongoing maintenance and grower services.

By staying loyal but selective to subcontractors and suppliers, we can tailor each greenhouse project to its needs: from a larger turnkey greenhouse to a small, complete complex growing facility. From foundation to automation, we remain in control of each discipline to ensure it meets our quality standards. Our expertise extends to sourcing and integrating turnkey greenhouse equipment and materials, allowing for seamless turnkey greenhouse construction projects.

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Do you want to know more about our turnkey projects?


Turnkey greenhouse projects are projects in which DutchGreenhouses® enters into a contract with their customer for the design and construction of complete, ready-to-use facilities, including the supply, installation and commissioning of greenhouse-specific technical systems for:
  • The overall structure
  • Screening
  • Climate
  • Irrigation
  • Automation
  • Computer Controls
  • Post Harvesting Equipment

Turnkey greenhouses allow our customers to focus on operating the greenhouse facility as it is built, rather than being hands-on involved during the construction phase of a project.

No, no to maintain our international reputation, all systems in the greenhouse must be integrated by DutchGreenhouses® to ensure proper climate conditions. However, if specific installations are requested that we do not generally supply, we can collaborate with the supplying company. Only in rare cases we do provide the only greenhouse structure for clients.

Yes! In this case, it is not a turnkey project, but a delivery of material contract. To maintain our quality standards, it must be built under supervision of an experienced Dutch supervisor.