Rainwater Discharge Greenhouse

Managing rainfall

Dutch greenhouses are designed to minimize the impact of external weather conditions on your plants, providing a controlled environment for optimal growth. While our structures shield your plants from the elements, they are also ingeniously engineered to efficiently manage rain and snow that falls on the greenhouse roof. The Dutch greenhouse systems effectively channel rainwater to collect and reuse it and to avoid any problems.

Control, Collect & Reuse

The first step of rainwater management is controlling it. Water that is under control can be collected, stored, treated and reused. Unlike The Netherlands, in many places in the world water is a scarcity. This means water needs to be managed carefully.

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The Dutch greenhouse design has a natural slope, allowing for easy collection on one or two sides of the greenhouse. Water can be brought to surface level through either PVC pipes or through the columns. Through this centralized water pipe, water is brought to one corner of the greenhouse. 

Yes, rainwater is the most natural source of irrigation. Preferably, the water is treated first through the irrigation systems of the greenhouse facility before supplying it to the plants.