The DC Cannabis glasshouse: first year of production

Optimizing Greenhouse Climate for Maximum Crop Growth

The Maryland Cannabis glasshouse: first year of production

Timo Raus - Dutchgreenhouses
Timo Raus May 03, 2023
It has been more than a year since our DutchGreenhouse came into use in Maryland. Before the greenhouse construction started, DutchGreenhouses® had already outfitted the adjacent indoor cannabis facility. With both of them now up and running and workflows seamlessly integrated, it is a good moment to share pictures and give a virtual video tour!

Project Background

After successfully outfitting the indoor-facility with cannabis cultivation systems, high tech fertigation units and growlights, it was time for a scale up. Using natural sunlight and managing irrigation precisely was the businesscase for the Maryland greenhouse.

The operation is fully suited with moveable containers which ensure rapid replanting and an excellent workflow at harvest stations and replanting stages, optimizing labor activities and allowing for optimum crop maintenance. From the workflow design to the last PAR sensors, DutchGreenhouses® has provided all ingredients for the production of superior quality cannabis. 

Project location USA, Maryland
Project size (2nd Phase) 4.000sqm - 1 acre
Climate Computer Hoogendoorn
Cooling HortiCoolers & Air Handling Units
Lights 1000umol, LED  
Growing system Containers

Looking back, expanding the indoor facility with the glass greenhouse has been a success. The energy-bill has decreased and cultivation results both in yields and taste have increased. All cost savings resulting from this project will be reflected by our customer in a lower sales price of the products. A double win!

Not your typical greenhouse

This project certainly stands out with all applied technology. A virtual tour through the facility?
High-pressure fogging system for cannabis cultivation
Veg Room
Trays of cannabis clones in a greenhouse nursery
Clone Room
Flowering room for cannabis cultivation in greenhouse facility
Flower Room
Dry Room for Cannabis Drying and Curing
Dry Room