Greenhouse Cooling Systems

Horticooler Greenhouse: Enhancing Climate Control for Optimal Growth

Lowering the temperature inside the greenhouse

In some cases, greenhouses require cooling systems. This occurs when the daily average temperature is too high for the crops to function properly. In this case, cooling the greenhouse is the only way to keep the crops inside healthy and productive. Cooling a greenhouse is more expensive than heating a greenhouse, investments in cooling systems must therefore be a well considered decision. 

Mechanical Cooling

Mechanical cooling lowers the temperature in a greenhouse by using refrigerant compressors or absorbers, desiccant dryers or other systems that require energy to directly condition the greenhouse. Cooling a greenhouse by only direct or indirect evaporation of water is not considered mechanical cooling, but as adiabatic cooling.

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Evaporative Cooling in Greenhouses

Evaporative cooling is the process by which water particles evaporate, leading to a drop in temperature due to increased humidity. There are two systems that use this principle in commercial greenhouses: high-pressure misting and the Pad & Fan cooling system.