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Flowers in Greenhouses

From the early beginnings the world has been more colorful with beautiful flowers and bringing a joyous fragrance to homes around the world.

When you talk flowers, you talk the Netherlands, having the largest auction of flowers in the world right next to our door.

Design of a flower greenhouse is in many cases done for a specific flower. Multiple flower varieties are not common in a greenhouse. In our international greenhouse business we usually don’t have many requests for designing a flower greenhouse, as the markets are usually not adapted for large bouquets of only one type of flower.

Bouquets come usually in a number of varieties of flowers mixing them together provides the joy, fragrance and colors that cheer up our live.

We have a few greenhouses designed for specific flower production.

Greenhouse purple flower

Flower Greenhouses

Greenhouses have revolutionized the way we cultivate and appreciate flowers. Within the protective confines of a greenhouse, flowers that would typically struggle or be impossible to grow in certain climates can flourish year-round.

 These structures harness solar energy, creating a controlled environment where temperature, humidity, and light are optimized. This not only extends the blooming season but also broadens the range of species that can be grown in a specific location. Exotic orchids, delicate roses, and vibrant lilies, which might be susceptible to external weather conditions or pests, find sanctuary in greenhouses. Moreover, greenhouses allow for the cultivation of flowers for commercial purposes, ensuring consistent quality and availability for consumers. In essence, greenhouses bridge the gap between nature's unpredictability and humankind's desire for beauty, enabling the growth of diverse floral wonders irrespective of the external environment. Through greenhouses, flowers from all corners of the globe can be brought together in a single location, radiating beauty and fostering botanical appreciation.

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