Indoor Farming Climate Systems

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Your plants need a good environment to grow in. Therefore, that the air settings are crucial for the development and growth of the plants.

Indoor Farming Climate Systems

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HVAC Energy consumption

Usually people look at the energy consumption of the LED lamps, which is obviously the largest contributor to energy consumption, but the energy required for HVAC equipment should not be neglected either.

Taking energy prices into account, it may be better to consider a higher CAPEX investment for HVAC equipment, which will pay for itself in lower energy costs.
The use of residual heat or free cooling (the use of cooler air from outside) can also significantly reduce energy consumption.

Dehumidification is an important aspect of a vertical farm HVAC system, but it requires a lot of energy. Heating and cooling coils have a condensing effect to remove moisture from the air (fresh or recirculated).

All these factors need to be taken into account, with the focus being on the level of cost and the right conditions to be maintained for optimal plant growth.

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