About DutchGreenhouses®

Not your typical greenhouse construction company

DutchGreenhouses® is a Dutch greenhouse construction company, operating out of the center of the Westland region in The Netherlands. The company is specialized in the development of turnkey greenhouse projects. With in-house expertise in all greenhouse technological systems, DutchGreenhouses in the one stop shop for investors and growers alike. With both specialists and all-round knowledgeable team-members, communication lines and reaction times are kept short.

Who we are & what we do

The greenhouses DutchGreenhouses® manufactures are designed for an optimal operational efficiency Designs are kept simple, durable and failure proof to make for an overall cost-efficient Dutch greenhouse project. This Dutch greenhouse manufacturer sources some, non-intelligent-property, materials locally to reduce transportation cost and avoid on import duties taxes.

Besides designing, engineering and manufacturing the turnkey greenhouse project, DutchGreenhouses® focusses on training, education and coaching. Because the Dutch greenhouses are designed to last over 30 years, the operational side of every greenhouse is just as important to DutchGreenhouses® as the greenhouse hardware. With intensive training programs and Dutch interim management, the greenhouse operation is fine-tuned to achieve long-term results.

By standardization, education and the mindset to source locally, greenhouses supplied by DutchGreenhouses® can be serviced locally and more efficiently. The manufacturing of the Dutch greenhouses is generally done by local contractors under intensive Dutch supervision. This allows for on-site local knowledge on the greenhouse hardware and technical installations.

Dutch Greenhouses worker

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A family business

DutchGreenhouses was founded in 2017 by father and son, Edo & Timo. With Edo's vast experience in greenhouse technology and business development and Timo's financial background and entrepreneurial mindset, they form a unique team and have brought the company to where it is today. Having jointly designed and built the most complex facilities as DutchGreenhouses® in the harshest climates or with the most delicate crops, their combined experience provides strong, hands-on leadership.
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