Greenhouse Climate Control

Optimizing Greenhouse Climate for Maximum Crop Growth

Sustainable and Efficient Climate

Control over your greenhouse climate is crucial for achieving optimal and sustainable growing conditions in modern horticulture. In Dutch greenhouses, when it comes to external conditions, an integrated approach is needed, using advanced – and less advanced – technologies to create stable, energy-efficient environments in which plants can thrive. On this section of the website you will find our toolbox with climate systems that we integrate into greenhouse projects to create an efficient climate control solution.

Future-proof climate control

Getting your greenhouse climate right is what DutchGreenhouses® does like no other.
Greenhouse Machinery: Automating Operations for Efficiency

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Reducing energy and CO2 consumption

Creating a climate in greenhouses, costs energy. With our climate technology, we can control temperature, humidity and light intensity. CO2, however, is also a critical component for photosynthesis in the plants. CO2 intake of crops goes hand-in-hand with temperature, humidity, light intensity and irrigation. CO2 enrichment allows you to provide the plants with the desired levels of CO2 for optimal plant growth.

Creating the perfect climate with HortiCoolers

Achieving optimal and consistent climate conditions effortlessly. With HortiCoolers you can cool down, heat-up, and dehumidify the greenhouse climate in the most homogeneous way. Enhancing both quality and yield.

Heating, Cooling & Humidity control