Post-Treatment of irrigation water in greenhouses

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Irrigation water Pre-treatment

Pre-treating irrigation water is crucial to a successful irrigation system. In greenhouse jargon it called "pre"-treatment because it is the chronological step before fertilising. Continuously analysing and anticipating on source of irrigation water, allows you to be in control of your greenhouse irrigation.
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Sources of Irrigation Water

Pre-treatment of irrigation water depends greatly on the source of water. As irrigation water is directly into contact with your valuable crops, it needs to be controlled from start to finish. Sources of water can be rain water, surface water, well-water or ground water or tap water.
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Irrigation Water Temperature

While regulating water temperature isn’t traditionally included in Pre-Treatment processes, it remains crucial for the irrigation cycle. Cold water has the ability to hold more dissolved oxygen compared to warm water, an essential component for irrigation. In contrast, warmer water often provides a conducive environment for the reproduction of microorganisms. However, water that is too cold can induce shock in plants. As a result, in greenhouses, the preferred choice is to use ambient water maintained at 15-20 degrees Celsius. The management of this factor is achieved through a heat exchanger that is linked to the central heating or cooling system of the facility.