Cannabis Mother Rooms

Mother rooms for cannabis cultivation in greenhouse facilities

Mother room cannabis facility

The most common way to fill the mother room with the right plants is to use previously selected cannabis plants and clone these plants into an exact genetic copy of its host, the mother plant. The mother plant is carefully selected for its genetics, taking into account its properties such as plant size, flower size, flavors, CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content. Resistance against possible pests and insects usually achieve a higher medicinal use.

The mother room is kept at a consistent light regimen, temperature and humidity level. The mothers in the room last for about three to four months after which they will be replaced by new genetics or with previously harvested clones. This process of using clones to become mothers cannot be repeated indefinitely, but is a common practice to keep a very stable genetic.

Keeping the mothers for a longer period is not common in the commercial indoor industry, but it is possible.

Mother Plants for Cannabis Cultivation

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Mother room for cannabis cultivation in greenhouse facility