Venlo Greenhouses

The Dutch Venlo greenhouse is the most popular of greenhouse structures. It's characteristic design and functionality make the Venlo model desired by growers and loved by suppliers. Venlo greenhouses became particularly famous in the Westland Region of the Netherlands, although the model originates from the city of Venlo in the South-East, near the border with Germany.

Another greenhouse design is the Wide-Span greenhouse. The typical wide span greenhouses were used for the cultivation of flowers and potted plants. A span of 12 meters up to 16 meters allowed for easy mechanization within the greenhouse. The Venlo greenhouse, however, has proven to be the most economical way to achieve protected cultivation on a commercial scale. Where today the Wide-Span is almost only used in the world of Garden Centers, the Venlo design strongly dominates the market for commercial greenhouse cultivation under glass

Dutch Venlo Greenhouse Exterior

Venlo Greenhouse Structure

The Venlo greenhouse defines itself by its simplicity. With a basic steel structure and an ingenious aluminium roof system, it is a low-maintenance and diverse model. The truss system makes for a broad range of possibilities regarding technical installations and crop suspension. The steel structure of the Venlo greenhouse is calculated according to the industry norms, allowing them to be light, yet strong.

Besides the conventional glass greenhouse, the Venlo model is also used in combination with a convertible roof top and a polyethylene cover. It is also the greenhouse of choice for semi-closed greenhouses.

Venlo Heritage in DutchGreenhouses™

DutchGreenhouses™ are Venlo greenhouses designed with a truss span of 9.00 meter. This new standard allows for maximum light penetration in the greenhouse and allows for more possibilities for cultivation. The greenhouse production area therefore has two rooflines of 4.50 meter per 9.00-meter truss. The bay size is 4.50 meters, where the standard height of the greenhouse is 6.00 meters, creating the golden ratio in the greenhouse industry.

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