16. Vertical Screening

Vertical Screening

As the name indicates, vertical screening is a system to close gables from top to bottom. The sides of the greenhouse are exposed to the wind which may result in very cold or very hot areas in the greenhouse. The larger the greenhouse becomes the less of a total influence the side wall will have. The covering of the side walls is done either with normal glass or with polycarbonate. In case the sides are covered with polycarbonate, there is no need to apply vertical screens. When the sides are with regular glass, vertical screens are a good way to save energy. The vertical screens are roll-up screens between the side supports (purlins) of the greenhouse walls.

Vertical Screening System

A greenhouse with a 6.0 m height columns will usually have 3 different sections of screens. The screens are controlled by motors and may open all simultaneously or individually depending on the requirement of the grower.

In DutchGreenhouses®, when screens are to be applied we usually have a separate control for the bottom layer while to two top layers will be controlled in pairs.

The screens may also be applied to prevent from the artificial light from radiating outside the greenhouse, in certain places it is not allowed to have light contamination, as the high levels of light may interfere with the neighboring farms or villages.