04. Greenhouse Automation

Greenhouse Automation

Greenhouse automation refers to the software that is created to automate actions of the technical installations installed within the greenhouse. Automation emerged in the greenhouse industry less than 50 years ago by simply opening the ventilation-windows at a temperature increase. Today, the greenhouse computers anticipate on weather forecasts, optimize the irrigation strategy accordingly whilst keeping you updated on your mobile phone at any given place and time.

Importance of Greenhouse Automation

The technological development in Dutch greenhouses has come so far that we no longer can do without a smart computer to control our greenhouses. Similar to the computers in modern vehicles and airplanes, the greenhouse computer allows for the most efficient way to operate in. Intelligent controls create the optimal growing climate in respect to energy use, water usage and nutrients. By taking the costs of these recourses into account, the greenhouse computer does not only create the best circumstances for your crop to grow, it significantly cuts on operational expenses.

Labour registration

Another large operational expense in the greenhouse is the labor force. To monitor and control workers in the greenhouse the master grower may implement certain strategies and place the right people with the right jobs. The management software collects data from the greenhouse workers as they perform certain duties in the greenhouse. By having workers monitoring the physical appearance of a plant and providing them with a tool to inform the lead agronomist, makes labour-registration a valuable computer system.