What to grow?

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What to grow in a greenhouse?

The choice of crop is a crucial factor for the economic feasibility and success of a commercial greenhouse operation. The revenue of cultivated crop is responsible the return on investment in the greenhouse and its operational costs. Crop varieties suitable for greenhouse cultivation therefore need to differentiate themselves from open-field varieties; in quality, variety or as locally grown produce.

On our website, we categorize the crops into vegetables, flowers, cannabis and indoor produce. Potted plants and fruits, like strawberries, do not really fit in this classification. But looking at the cultivation methods and crop characteristics, it serves its function well. Tomatoes are the single most popular crop to be cultivated in greenhouses and come in numerous varieties. Choices between truss- cocktail- and cherry tomatoes can be made to target niche markets. The same applies for the other categories, where the variety is the result of decades of selective breeding, specifically to thrive in greenhouses.

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