How to grow?

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How to grow?

This question is the core of DutchGreenhouses. Our engineers are continuously working on practical solutions for ever so challenging greenhouse projects. Whether the plan is to grow strawberries in a humid desert, cultivating medical cannabis in a continental climate, growing orchids in a dry climate, our engineers can tell you “how to grow”!

However, it must also be a viable business case for investors, otherwise all efforts are in vain when it comes to financing the project. Exactly this is where DutchGreenhouses makes the difference. We try to balance the technical solution with the capital and operational costs from the start of the project to keep the plan executable.

Designing a grow-facility

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Greenhouse with Glass Roof: Maximizing Light and Insulation

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How to grow in greenhouses?

What exactly happens if ventilation windows are open? How can we increase the effectiveness of CO2 dosing? These are examples of hands-on questions that will make a difference every single day.

Whether its in Dutch greenhouses or in indoor farming facilities, DutchGreenhouses® can provide cultivation support. After integrating high tech greenhouse technology, cultivation can seem complicated. To use these tools, the grower will need in-depth knowledge of plant cultivation and the impact of using the installed systems. 

Greenhouse Machinery: Automating Operations for Efficiency