10. Hydroponics

Quality Standards

To ensure safety and durability, DutchGreenhouses® are built according to the highest quality standards for the horticultural industry.

The beauty of the greenhouse industry is the combination and synergy between multiple disciplines. Combining these different fields of expertise into a complete greenhouse project is a complex task. Ensuring that every greenhouse and its technical installations meet the industry quality standards, requirements and codes is likewise a complex task.

ISSO, the Dutch knowledge institute for the technical sector, has broken down the requirements of 3 disciplines into publications in cooperation with AVAG, a platform for Dutch greenhouse suppliers. These ISSO publications are to ensure the proper functioning and safety of the greenhouse installations according to the Dutch quality standards and building codes. The three disciplines taken into account in the quality publications are respectively greenhouse structures, heat and CO2 and the water-technical installations.

To meet with local quality standards around the world, DutchGreenhouses® uses these strict quality guidelines. In addition to that, DutchGreenhouses® works with local parties to ensure all installations meet the quality requirements and installations & building codes in the country the greenhouse is to be constructed.