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World Horti Center DutchGreenhouses
Office "World Horti Center"
Address Europa 1
Zipcode 2672 ZX Naaldwijk
Country The Netherlands

World Horti Center

The World Horti Center is the international knowledge and innovation center in the world of commercial horticulture. It is located in the Westland region of The Netherlands, just across the largest flower auction in the world. The World Horti Center is a unique building and is home to the Dutch Greenhouse Demo Center (Demokwekerij), a research greenhouse and school & universities specialized in horticulture (a.o. MBO Westland). Just like the previous Greenhouse Demo Center, the World Horti Center provides a permanent exhibition hall for innovative companies in the greenhouse industry. By creating a dynamic atmosphere between education, technological companies and a knowledge center, World Horti Center will soon grow out to become the global center for innovation in commercial greenhouses.World Horti Center Logo

DutchGreenhouses® in the World Horti Center

With the all-new World Horti Center, DutchGreenhouses® has extended its participation in the Greenhouse Demo Center with an office within the facility. This office will function as the sales & marketing office. The combination of technology, knowledge and research in one building, makes the World Horti Center a great place to receive customers and provide them with a bird’s eye view of Dutch greenhouse technology has to offer. The year-round exhibition floor and the interactive ambiance of the World Horti Center adds value to the company and is more than anything a representative welcome to DutchGreenhouses®’ international customers.

A reflection of Westland

World Horti Center provides a presentation platform for over 75 technical companies active in the Dutch greenhouse industry. This year-round exhibition represents key companies active in the Westland Region of the Netherlands. A walk up the stairs brings visitors to a different exhibition floor presenting companies active in the horticulture sector of the Westland region. Companies represented here are active the sales and production of flowers and vegetables. The World Horti Center can be seen as a reflection of the Westland region, internationally known for its flowers and vegetables but also its greenhouse technology.

In recent years, the private sector in the Westland region has experienced a shortage of young professionals that share the passion for greenhouses and greenhouse technology. World Horti Center is a great mix between the corporate sector and the next generation of potential horticultural professionals. The exposure to the dynamic world of greenhouses, growing and marketing is destined to have an impact on the students fortunate to study in the beautiful World Horti Center.