About DutchGreenhouses™



DutchGreenhouses™ represents a select group of companies in the greenhouse industry. The multiple fields of expertise are all united under the commercial brand of DutchGreenhouses™. These intensive partnerships result in complete greenhouse projects according to the highest Dutch quality standards.

With a collective drive to facilitate growth in the places where it is needed most, the commercial greenhouse alliance is focused on the export of their technological solutions. With an abundance of international experience, a DutchGreenhouse™ can provide growers and investors around the world with a fruitful start.


The approach of DutchGreenhouses™ leaves the expertise with the true specialists. Companies that owe their very existence to being the best in their field. The Dutch partners have their focus on one discipline only, making these individual companies centers of knowledge, innovation and manufacturing expertise. Integration of the diverse systems into complete commercial greenhouse projects is made possible by clear communication and understanding. Together we are DutchGreenhouses™.




The project development team of DutchGreenhouses™ is formed by two generations of greenhouse professionals. Edo Raus is a reputable senior project developer with over 30 years of experience in complete greenhouse projects. His son, Timo Raus, is a young greenhouse professional with a next-generation view on the industry. This team of two forms the project development team of DutchGreenhouses™.

Project Development Team


The Dutch Approach refers to the rich history of The Netherlands in dealing with water safety, urban planning and local participation. Over the years The Dutch Approach has become a notable planning and management method extending far beyond water management. This approach has been put to the test in a broad range of industries and in military missions and has proven to be an effective method to successfully realize greenhouse projects around the world.

Commercial greenhouse project development is based on these very principals; creating alliances, utilizing design and generating public support.

The Dutch Approach

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