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Dutch Approach
to Greenhouses


Building & Supplying

The largest network of Dutch greenhouse manufacturers and technology suppliers under one flag.

Step-by-Step Plan

A clear overview of what is required and of what is provided, view our step-by-step greenhouse plan.

Greenhouse Economics

Commercial greenhouses must be economically feasible. Take a look at our approach.

Empowering Growers

World's most innovative technologies combined with world's oldest trade, agriculture: the essence of greenhouses. Using the laws of physics in our favor, pursuing a deeper understanding our crops and a continuous strive to produce in the most economical and most environmental friendly way has made greenhouse technology from The Netherlands that what is today.

We believe that this greenhouse technology should be as easily accessible to everyone in such a way that it is to invest in real-estate in your own hometown. Our mission is to empower growers around the world with the technology to grow the healthiest, tastiest and most colorful products for people to enjoy.

Together with technology partners, DutchGreenhouses™ has engineered complete greenhouse concepts that can be easily modular-customized to your specific needs. Our approach enables us to provide our customers quickly with a transparent investment plan, a comprehensible business plan and a strait-forward plan of action.

DutchGreenhouses-Empowered Grower

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From the greenhouse blog

Liebig’s Law of Minimum says that the most limiting factor determines the rate of growth. In greenhouse horticulture,Liebig's law has a significant impact of the entire commercial operation. A greenhouse allows us to control the limiting factors of crop growth and thus enhancing production.

Life on earth (in form that we know it) would be impossible without the process of photosynthesis. It is responsible for the oxygen we breath and food we eat. Also, most of the materials we use and the fossil fuels we consume are the result of photosynthesis.

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