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The largest network of Dutch greenhouse manufacturers and technology suppliers under one flag.

Step-by-Step Plan

A clear overview of what is required and of what is provided, view our step-by-step greenhouse plan.

Commercial Greenhouse

Commercial greenhouses must be economically feasible. Take a look at our approach.

Commercial Greenhouses

Growing vegetables, fruits and flowers is done best in a closed environment to ensure the right climate for your crop, in commercial greenhouses. This intensified form of agriculture requires advanced climate and irrigation tools to enhance both the quality and quantity of production. DutchGreenhouses™ develops commercial greenhouse projects based on pre-engineered designs integrated with the latest technology from the Netherlands.

Growing on a commercial scale can be an attractive business case when the greenhouse produces high quality vegetables, fruits or flowers. This way, the majority of production can be sold directly to the retail, rather than to the wholesale market only. To ensure these levels of production, the greenhouse operation must be operated professionally and cost-effectively. This efficiency is found in optimized climate controls, optimized energy efficiency and maximizing on the production by understanding the crop. The output of commercial greenhouses is also largely determined by the capability of the growers and staff. Next to supplying the right greenhouse equipment, DutchGreenhouses™ therefore also pays great attention to education, training and an ongoing coaching program to ensure a successful greenhouse operation.

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Liebig’s Law of Minimum says that the most limiting factor determines the rate of growth. In greenhouse horticulture,Liebig's law has a significant impact of the entire commercial operation. A greenhouse allows us to control the limiting factors of crop growth and thus enhancing production.

Life on earth (in form that we know it) would be impossible without the process of photosynthesis. It is responsible for the oxygen we breath and food we eat. Also, most of the materials we use and the fossil fuels we consume are the result of photosynthesis.

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