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Engineering & Procurement

Creating partnerships and intensively working together is the key to the development of Dutch greenhouses around the world. Working together with the right partners for each specific project means continuously strengthening each other. These intensive collaborations have made Dutch greenhouses that what they are today.

Selecting the best partners for each situation makes each project more efficient. The majority of the mechanical installations are sourced from Dutch producers, ensuring the highest quality standard available. However, large essential elements of the greenhouse can, if desired by customers, be sourced from a local partner rather than being imported from The Netherlands. Creating a perfect synergy between all elements is the essence of the Dutch greenhouse manufacturers.

Having access to quantified data about hundreds of greenhouses has led to the development of the standardized Dutch greenhouses. The dots have been connected between privately held engineering firms, knowledge institutes and manufacturers to create the standards for documentation, instruction and design. Besides the construction and technical installations of the greenhouse, the right tools for crop maintenance, harvesting and handing are combined to serve the customers around the world. Dutch greenhouses can therefore be seen as a manifestation of collaboration in the fields of engineering, manufacturing and procurement.