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The art of the start

I have been privileged to travel the world and to do business with people of many different cultures. The one thing all countries and cultures have in common, is the demand for a better way of commercial growing.

Experience learns that all the unknowns in the traditional approach of greenhouse projects make it difficult to get started. DutchGreenhouses™ has therefore developed standardized greenhouses, making the investments transparent. With operational demands and capital expenditures at hand, the focus can be placed on the revenue side of the business model.

Selecting the right crop, having staff educated and devising a marketing strategy should be the starting point for every greenhouse project. This way the project scale and the level of technological advancement can be accounted for in the business model.
This is the art of the start.


- Edo Raus

Education is key

Throughout the last century, the Dutch horticulture industry has grown out to become the global leader. Heating the greenhouse has led to extended growing seasons and stable productions. The switch from open-field cultivation to hydroponic growing methods has given growers even more control over their production.

These developments in the greenhouse industry have been powered by an in-depth understanding of the crops that were cultivated. Besides this, trial-and-error and a strong community mindset amongst growers have led to the advancement in production which eventually has led to a thriving industry.

I strongly believe that successful greenhouse projects around the world also begin with a true understanding of the crops and support from a community of growers. A thriving business as a result of education, training and ongoing coaching.
Education is key.


- Timo Raus

Edo Raus
Senior Project Developer

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Timo Raus
Junior Project Developer

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