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DutchGreenhouses Staff Office Road View
Office "Hooghe Landhuys"
Address Zuidweg 85
Zipcode 2671 MP, Naaldwijk
Country The Netherlands

DutchGreenhouses® Staff Office

The staff office of DutchGreenhouses® is located in a beautiful building called “Het Hooghe Landhuys” in Naaldwijk. “Het Hooghe Landhuys” is a privately owned business complex and his home to a handful of companies active in various sectors including water technology, civil engineering and soil research.  Located centrally in the Westland region of the Netherlands, all companies find their common ground in greenhouses and facilitating growers.

The Complex

DutchGreenhouses®’ staff office is situated on the top floor of the building and creates a great working environment for the engineering department. On the ground floor there is a small lobby, multiple meeting rooms, a presentation room and a canteen area. With an abundance of parking space and the large meeting rooms, the DutchGreenhouses® staff office is an ideal place for engineering teams to discuss projects.