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Greenhouse Manufacturing

Greenhouse Manufacturing

DutchGreenhouses® outsources greenhouse manufacturing to a select number of companies. These companies are mostly located in the Netherlands, but in some cases the choice is made to have the greenhouse produced elsewhere. Because DutchGreenhouses® does the complete engineering of the greenhouse and makes the factory drawings, the company can be flexible with the production location which may reduce costs.

Greenhouse Manufacturing Company

The greenhouse is not the only thing that is to be manufactured before installed at the construction site. Each greenhouse constists of many technical installations with detailed tasks. To ensure proper functioning and quality of these critical elements, DutchGreenhouses® has these manufactured under supervision in the Netherlands. These critical elements, such as irrigation units, are integrated with premium brands to make for optimal performance and less maintenance.

The manufacturing companies used by DutchGreenhouses® for the technical elements are absolute best in their field. These partnering companies typically do one thing only; manufacturing this specific element. This reduces the chance of error, delays and malfunctioning significantly. Outsourcing the manufacturing to these Dutch companies allows for this flexible but high-quality production options.