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DGH Technology B.V.

DGH Technology B.V.

The trademark DutchGreenhouses™ is registered under the mother company Global Greenhouses B.V.. DutchGreenhouses™ is incorpated under the legal entity of DGH Technology B.V. registered under 67991661 at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands starting from 1 January 2017.

Our business data:

  • Ch. of C. Rotterdam no.: 67991661
  • Rabobank bank account:
  • VAT : NL 8572.56.646.B.01
  • IBAN: NL59RABO 0316 68 96 37
  • BIC / Swift: RABONL2U


In the statutory board of directors of DGH Technology B.V. are seated:

Mr. C.H.D. (EDO) Raus - (Chair)

Mr. Timo Raus